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In 1973, a Jukebox exploded at your parents’ favorite record store and Sloan Woolly got stitched together the rubble. With a smirk and a scream, the band pairs sly arrangements and lyricism with an ageless rock’n’roll energy. It’s the stuff to make you smile, make you think and make you wanna get sweaty on the dancefloor. Every live show is holy for the Woolly (read: hairy) crew, a chance to give everything they’ve got to everyone in the room. You’ll sweat, you’ll laugh, you’ll sing along–and you’ll come ‘round again the next time they’re in town. It’s an old story, but it still can be told well.

With a wide range of sounds and influences, Sloan Woolly packs up a fat suitcase of original material to bring to every show: from the horn-backed party stomper, “Rest of Their Lives,” to the darkroom acid trip of “The Phone,” to the Nashville-fueled blues rocker “Futures,” it’s tough to pin down a singular direction for this bunch of ramblers.

At the start of 2020, Sloan Woolly made their way to Nashville’s Sputnik Sound (Vance Powell/Mitch Dane) to track some favorites from their catalog with engineer Mike Fahey, whose experience with iconic rock groups like the Raconteurs and Phish (along with some bad mf amps) enabled him to bring the passion and energy of a Sloan Woolly show to life on the record. The band has released four singles from the Sputnik Sessions, with more to follow in the coming months.

Their first single, “Rest of Their Lives,” was lauded by alt-rock blog Parapop as “a time machine where you can’t help but dance. Full of nostalgia, you briefly forget the weight in your shoulders.” It earned airplay on Nashville’s own Roots Radio, and a video of Sloan Woolly performing the single aired on CMT on May 20th, 2020 (nestled between Grace Potter and Cheryl Crow in the event’s lineup).

Sloan Woolly was founded by Jack Seigenthaler (Guitar and Vocals), Henry Ingram (Keys) and while studying at Stanford University. Under the name Mammoth, they were later joined by Ben Josie (Bass) and played countless shows around the San Francisco Bay Area for two and a half years. Upon graduation, the band moved to Nashville, Tennessee to play with and learn from everyone they could in Music City.

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